Hello.. To the people out there.. Welcome to my blog!! 

I’m Mrinalika.. Well a typical tough name to pronounce.. But yeah beautiful too. My life revolves around just few things these days that is Blogs, Books, Photo clicks,  Music and Food. I still remember I was 8 or 9 may be since I started writing.

How it started:

 I’ve grown up with making my personal diaries and reading books coz Ya They do change my mind and choices sometimes.. 

“Well.. Writing has always been my better half” 

I feel it is a very easy way to escape yourself from the realities of the world. It’s an easiest way to express your inner self when you are all alone and all you need is a companion for yourself. Personally speaking I had never thought of being a blogger. I’ve always dreamt of being an author. 

But then..  I grew  up and situations called me here and I was so inspired by all the amazing bloggers out here. 

I don’t know how my blog will go in next couple of time.. But I’m pretty much excited to see what’s gonna actually happen… 

What it is all about: My plan for blog is to talk about the daily stuffs that we go through life, the ones that we read in books, the ones that we experience like A Few Moments responding To Life, Few things that we all do.. We all feel but yet sometimes it’s too difficult to express. 

Well.. Sometimes my blogs can also consists of my random talks.. My daily whereabouts… Coz I’m a very moody person and I believe in Randoms too. 

Basically I feel.. Every person lives a healing life and everything is healed with time. 

There should be an Audacity to heal and live happily. 

If you like my writings,  you can follow me on WordPress. You can always contact me. Please do feel free….  I hope to hear from you guys and I hope I make your reading time worthwhile.