Here’s to all my readers and fellow writers.. A very Happy New Year to each of you!!

Just to remind you..

Detox your finance, Detox your time line, Detox your closet, Detox your ride, Detox your worries, Detox your cold heart, Detox your grudges, Detox your planned meals, Detox your anxieties, Detox your mind, Detox your life!!






More smiles, Less frowns!!

More humans, Less worries!!

More sleeps, Less tears!!

More Books, Less Netflix!!

More hopes, Less doubts!!

More memories, Less liars!!

More couches, Less chairs!!

More food, Less junk!!

More self love, Less judgements!!

More you, More true!!

Let the earth know how to love!

Let’s celebrate The life and times of a Hashtagged Human!!







With Loads of love and wishes




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