There is a group of men smoking a cheap pack of cigarettes. 

A waiter who is giving me those random blank glances. Don’t know why. Just because, I’m sitting with my folded legs, bumping into the sofa. 

There is a man sitting just opposite to my table and he’s busy as fuck in his laptop. 

A middle aged woman , entering the cafe and cannot decide where to sit. 

There is a love bird, sitting behind me, holding hands and whispering something in their ears. 

Queues are the best way to judge people. Haha.. 

Standing at the third and listening to all the random, non random things happening around me. 

One Red Velvet Latte please… ”

” Red Velvet Latte…” This word shaped something and infact,  many things into memory. 

He calls me with this name. He says..” My Red Velvet“… 

Smiles and Sadness occurred at the same time.

Smile because, I know he loves me. 

Sadness because, We are not together. 

Seeing couples around me, I miss him more. 

A girl starts staring me as I try to write all this. A man in his thirties, stares at my shoes, that are lying across the floor.


Coffee is not that good,

..  a thought striked. It could have been better with sugar. 

But something stops me and I’m not asking for sugar. I’m trying to read what all I wrote till now. And I’m trying to sing a song.. 

 Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo… 

Coz it’s been one of my favorite song. 
My voice is a bit choked. It’s been years, I’ve left singing. 

Want to say him.. 

“Yun hi pehlu mein baithe raho.. Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo… ”

That very moment I saw people giving me blank expressions. Yes, I wasn’t that too loud. But If I was, then I hope they’ve enjoyed my song… 

I think, someday,  it’s good to observe random, non random things and feel every moment. 

I’ve seen a girl getting ready for her first date. 

I’ve seen a man reading Harry Potter. 

I’ve seen an old woman calling her son and asking him his daily whereabouts. 

I’ve seen a boy giving his interview over Skype.. 

I’ve seen a cute boy smiling and staring at me while I was singing. 

I’ve seen a random stranger, coming and approaching me for a coffee date. 

I’ve seen Smiles, Frowns, Love, Trust, Care  Bonds, Relations, Deep voices, Life of introverts, Random Healing lives, Songs, Many too many activities, His thoughts in my mind, Strangers… . And of course… “Life….” 

Much love 




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