She woke up with a mild headache. In the so called chilly autumn morning, she stepped out of her bed, wore something in black, grabbed her handbag and moved out. 

“I’m on my way “, she said. 

Oh Wow!!  He exclaimed. 

Yes, he was overjoyed. She could feel the happiness in his voice. Sitting in the car, staring at those neverending long roads, she got lost in the midst of their conversations. 

In a mean time, she was with him, holding him tight in her arms. Even though it was the first time that they were seeing each other, but they were intensely lost too. 

Cozy covers, muted phones, fluffy him, cute she and perfect they

He tenderly kissed her cheeks. She gazes up. Her heart was falling, her heart was singing. She wasn’t even able to catch her breath. He was so adorable that she kept holding him tight. The room was already warm now. They kept feeling each other’s naked souls. Arms wrapped around, skin on skin bare for each other. He pulls her more close. 

His eyes met hers. She blushes and looks away. Their minds were dancing in the loving haze. Her lipstick smears and so does her hair. 

They lay there together, under the cozy covers

He kept caressing her and pressed his lips onto hers. Her dizzying world and his restless moans made the moment flow. He whispered I Love You. She smiled and hugged him more tight. They kissed like insane and every kiss spoke thousands of words. 

He sinked inside her. Restless cuddles onto her neck. His hand exploring her soul. Her heart was beating madly. 

It all happened again. 

It was within just two of them. 

There were whispers of joining souls. 

There were whispers of miracles of love. 

There were whispers of feeling more than great. 

There were whispers of being forever. 

He kissed her forehead and it all stayed. 

Heavy breaths, smell of his skin and those magic moments. 

And in the midst of these moments, they loved each other. 



21 thoughts on “HASHTAG  WE GOT US

  1. That is so beautiful. I could not stop but imagine everything. And it was just so beautiful. All pure and true feelings. A flow of emotions. An unbreakable connection. Just beautiful. Well written…. 👌

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Hey, you write really nice. I mean, while reading it seems I’m lost somewhere in the words… Surrounded by all of the emotions conveyed.
    Thanks for recommending…. Keep doing the good work. 😊😊
    And yeah… In your finishing way- XOXO. 😊😊

    Liked by 4 people

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