It wasn’t one of those finest days, I felt from inside. Neither it was one of those beautiful winter mornings. The day was very simple. There was nothing special about it. I really don’t know how it happened. But yes, it did. It happened in between my exams. A sudden shocking thing. My mind was spinning. 

Quickly. Painfully. 

Have you ever lost your love without a fight?  

Well, I have lost him that way. 
I called him several times. No Answer. I lay in bed all alone staring at my phone. I tried to sleep. But my heart stumbled. The hour passed. Finally, the phone rang. 

Listen, Mrinalika.. Im done with you” 

And other blah stuffs… 

I felt numb. The world around me gave me an ugly stare. 

I tried my best to not let him go, but, all my efforts went in vain. 

My eyes became heavy. 

 There was a black cloud of sadness that took over me and it only gave me a power to breathe. 

I felt as if a part of me is being detached. I felt a sudden shock running down my body. I sat down, where I was. 

My heart was broken. Pieces lay scattered across the floor. 

Suddenly his words felt like a dead flowers where forever never came. I felt like a lost soul fading into the depth of hell. 

The room grew colder and my eyes wept silently. 

I felt as if now I am nothing but just a dead soul who will be living a ruined life.
Weeping all alone in my room, I took out my diary, the very first page of it read.. 

23rd July 2010..

It was the first day when I started writing and it all began from him. 

Tore the pages apart. It was a rage. 

The promises are broken now, i said to myself. 

The blue inked stories lied there crumpled and suppressed

Because the flow was broken now and nothing could be fixed. 

That very moment I decided, not to write anymore. 
I lost him. I waited for him for two years in a false hope of him to return. 

Days without him, millions of minutes without him. Two years of complete silence. 

It’s been seven years now. Today when I go through the old memories, it haunts me. 
But yeah, I started writing again,  now. Things are okay with me.

Much love 




27 thoughts on “HASHTAG  5 MARCH 2011

  1. Hey Great blog, a lot of emotions I usually just shoo them away. I like the hashtag theme, why not use the actual #tags in the blog, like this like

    The promises are broken now, i said to myself.

    you can write as

    The #promises are broken now, i said to myself.

    I don’t know if that is a good idea but you can try 😛

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  2. I’m not sure how you came upon my blog, but thank you soooo much for connecting and for the “likes”/show of support and encouragement. I think your blog is wonderful and your writing is very poetic and relatable and engaging. Thanks for sharing and “following”. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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