Hello Readers.. Warm Welcome to my blog.. So here’s a surprise for you guys.. Today I’m pretty much excited to share a Guest Post with you all because of two reasons… 

Firstly,  I’ve been planning for a guest post since so long.. and secondly, I’ve got an amazing blogger with me to start a guest post. 

I’m pleased to welcome Mrgoodquote (isn’t that a pretty cool name..?)  over my blog… 

Well Mr Good Quote, Rahul Tiwari has an amazing blog page. You guys must check it out. 

All it began when we two were thinking about a guest post and suddenly got stucked to a very interesting idea ie… Life happens so just let it happen no matter what. Everyday we go through different phases of life. We experience different phases too. Some are good. Some are bad. I feel, we don’t need to choose the best phase of life. Instead of choosing, we need to create it. 

Because, life happens and so the moments

You just need to live every moment to the fullest. Often we are stucked with ill events and then we take so much time to recover. Some of us cry for those misfortunes, for those missed opportunities, for those lil bad things etc.. etc… For all such type of people, I want to ask.. 

Till how long?..? How long are you gonna stick to that particular thing.? 

You can’t just gloat over your bad deeds,instead you can heal and live. You can’t weep for too long, because life is moving on then why can’t you… 

I’ve been very much inspired with the quote… 

“If Life moves…. Move”

Everyday is a new day so just feel the moment, let’s just go with the flow of life, let’s just create the LET IT BE PHASES of life. 

Rahul inspires me with the quote CARPE DIEM, which means Make most of the today and Enjoy the present. I agree with him totally.

He says.. 

Everyday is a new day. 

Everyday is a fresh day. 

Everyday is a new hope. 

Everyday is another chance. 

Everyday is not yesterday. 

So yes, Life happens so let it happen

Thankyou so much Rahul for sharing your words with me. It was so nice to write with you and share thoughts. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this. It was so AUDACITY TO HEAL AND LIVE BLOG. Haha..

 Coming up with more guest posts. 

 Much love. 




14 thoughts on “HASHTAG   LET IT BE 

  1. Well ppl say first impression is the last on … Let me tell you …. You nailed it 😉 thanq so much for this post …
    Means a lot
    Happy blogging 😇

    Liked by 2 people

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