Hello Everyone.. Hope you all have enjoyed the holidays and are doing great. Phew!!!  I came here with a thought to write something good. 

But unfortunately, my mind is lost in the midst of nowhere. Right now,  I feel like capturing every moment in my heart and head. It’s the last day of my trip. Tomorrow I’m leaving for my workplace. College is reopening. Everything is scheduled up. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning by 7.

My Bags are lying  here and there. 

Sadness took over… 

It’s always disheartening to say Bye, to leave home.. Especially to your loved ones. As I’m a single child, I’ve always been over pampered in almost everything. I’ve a soft corner for my family. 

There isn’t anything special about the day. It’s just so simple.. A dizzy morning. 

I feel like sitting somewhere alone and reminiscening about the days passed

A part of me has already started missing home and a part of me Secretly wished that I could stay more. 

Lost in the midst of these moments, I am writing. Dont want to say Bye.. But I have toSometimes the moments and byes are woeful, pale and sorrowful. I know Im being a bit sensitive tho.. But still… 

Love to all my Readers..Stay tuned for more… 





  1. No worries , so what if the sun sets in the evening ….. It will rise again 😇… The moments you lived now were ur sun rises .. And those u r gonna live now are the sun sets ……. We live because we know that there is a tomorrow….smile up gear up and Chear up😉….. The more you love you living the happier you get ❤…..

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