As the festive season has arrived and so are my holidays,  I decided to have a break from my monotonous routine. I’m going home finally.. 

But the most annoying this is 

I fucking hate packing

Packing is the most stressful and disgusting thing. I wish if someone could do that for me. I’ve to pack unpack so many things. It’ll be a long weekend trip. 

I’m on the verge of throwing away everything and my room is a big mess. ARGH.. And then the biggest problem with me is that I can’t pack all my things till the day I go. My dad always asks me to prepare a list for the things I actually have to pack. But I’m too lazy to do all the stuffs. 

As Im writing in the middle of my packingI know, Im writing Bullshit

But literally, I don’t know why am I writing right now. May be I’m just going with the flow of my mood…😅


I’ll be writing soon to you guys,  something definitely better than this.. Lol.. 

I know no ones gonna read this … Haha… Well…… anyways   …. 

Happy Holidays and Love to all my Readers.. 



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