Coffee over Whatsapp….

Umm sounds too weird right??….But yes he said so…. 

You never know when the strangers will cross into your life and be the part of it and yes, sometimes “Strangers aren’t really Strangers”.

Sometimes it’s like everything is set from the beginning and for me it was OMG VAS HAPPENING!!!!  The steps closer to you, the sudden happy conversations and of course the inside expressions says it all. 

That very time all you think is.. 

How is this possible?  How can we get too close suddenly?  We hardly know each other but how the things are going so smoothly??…. Etc etc… And stuffs like that.. 

Same was happening with me and yes of course the hard thing is you are afraid that the person might fall for you cause your heart has already been captured with the untitled one. It feels good, in fact, everything feels so beautiful that you suddenly get lost in the midst of your own thoughts. All of a sudden something touches you, you try to find it out.  You feel as if some part of your heart can’t be reached coz you have never opened the door for it but now you really would love to open it.  

“The sudden change in my life was written, just to make me feel something I’ve never thought of”,  I spoke to myself. 

In just a day we had endless conversations. I often get onto people. When you talk to someone for the very first time, often there are lots of things you want to know. From hobbies to memories to family histories to favorite food stuff to trips to deepest desires to past relationships to likes and dislikes to rides or Drives sort of thing. 

Umm.. Well… The night ended with a happy smile. It was the feeling that happened without warning, rhyme and reason. I cannot explain it. I don’t know. It’s an ability to suddenly feel profound, intense and affectionate for someone. It’s a feeling when you powerfully get attached to someone as if you know him from ages. Right now I’m looking for the exact word, when you totally feel so connected to that stranger without any reason. 

Its like strange things happening obviously at the strange point of timeMy thoughts, this time, were more petite. Heart was at better pace like never before

It happened… 


And the guy is…… Umm… Let’s just maintain the secrecy over here…. Lol.. 

Hope he reads this first and smile for a while. 

I had lot to write.. May be I’ll continue this in the second part of COFFEE OVER WHATSAPP.. 





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