Things got changed now, 

I won’t be waking up soon. 

So do not touch, talk, knock and expect my voice in return. 

My heart wants to sleep, 

Please let me stay here. 

I’ll be here rolling and shuffling in between the sheets. 

Humming the songs, I want to sing. 

Drinking wine alone, the whole night. 

Reading those books, I’ve near me. 

Sometimes scribbling in between those books. 

Muting the fake phone life for a very long time. 

Thinking about every single person, I’ve crossed my mind with, 

Entangled in between my messy hair, 

I try to fix my smile. 

But sometimes despair drags me down through the haze of memories. 

Somewhere from inside,  I want to scream, holding my each breath. 

But that emptiness stops me… 

I just want to feel no pain. 

I want to know that I’m mostly sane. 

But here I stay as same as before,

Yearning for peace once more… 





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