As I told you in my intro,  I love clicking pictures and yes, these days, my life is defined by pictures. Because Pictures never change, even though the people in those pictures do change. These people around us create Vibes. 

WellVibes is really difficult to put in words. 

But, it is a feeling that is felt through place, people or a thing. We go through different vibes in a day. 

Sometimes when you are hanging out with someone,  involves negative discussion topics and all of a sudden,  you can’t maintain your positive vibes. The energy within you seems like being drained out. Well,  yes,  this is very common in us. It seems as if, it has become a major part of our life. Yes, of course, there are people who always criticise and drag us down. They are full of negative vibes.  But on the other hand, there are some who are great motivators and so, you really enjoy their company. 

At different phases of life,  we meet different types of people. 

Well it is very ironical because personally speakingmy experience with people has always been bad. Ive been through many problems which involved negative vibersand see here Im writing and discussing about all this

Well may be because now I’ve learnt so many things and still I’m learning. Right now, my life goes with few lines,  I want to share it with you all.. 

Let yourself grow with the flow, 

Let  me evolve and grow. 

Let me just find my way 

Let me discover myself today.

 I can’t believe it took me so much time to publish this one. It had been my draft since so long and finally it is here and yes I wanted to write more but I’m stopping here. Sorry for that. But hopefully I’ll be coming up with more of Vibes. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this one, if anyone was actually reading…. 


Well, Love To All My Readers. 





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