I’ve been wondering what I actually want to write or talk about.. 

Sexism?   Feminism?  Freedom? Inequality?  I don’t know? 

Sometimes there is so much going on in your head that you cannot pin point on one thing.  So this one’s for those who still have a very witty approach towards women.

Still, Women are never treated as equal as men. Everyone wants them to be perfect and in every way of course. 

They are expected to be sexy and pretty for boys,  Gharelu for society,  jolly for friends and yes BOLD for this entire world to live in. She should be well educated but she can’t do job after marriage.  She should be from a well to do family with zero divorce issues, financially well enough to give all the dowry demanded and so on. She should know how to cook,  clean, sit,  talk, walk etc and other Bullshits like that. 
Wake up guys!!! 

Sexism is a goddam a big issue. Please stop taunting her all the time. 

She was not born perfect. She doesn’t need to act in any particular way,  you consider for her. 

Stop tying her down. Let her wear what she wants to. 

Let her live, laugh, run, fly. Let her choose herself. Let her make mistakes and let her learn that way. 

By Just Another Woman 





  1. Don’t say everything you wanted to say. Forgive yourself if your complimenting him and he’s interrupting you. Catch your breath. Be very glad and overjoyed that he’ d show you around. No biggie…just love. It was so nice to walk around the park by the pond in Queens NY. No when to speak or just let the conversation go. Girlfriend…well…just be the best one.

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