Unfathomable.. The Unexplained Feeling 

Something when you type and type and type, but suddenly you backspace everything. 

Something when you have an uncontrollable urge to talk to someone, but something stops you. 

Something when you have a good mood, but a bad too at the same time. 

Something when in the place of happiness,  you find sorrows too. 

Something when easily it could have been said, but you made it difficult. 

Something when you are caught in between the deadly silence,  but still you can feel the butterflies all around. 

Something when life seems so focused, but you make it a mess. 

Something when things want to go with a flow, but you don’t want to flow. 

Something when you have so many regrets, but you still feel Okay. 

Something when you think it’s too late, but actually it’s not. 

Something when you feel strong enough, but vacant from inside. 

Something when you want to be true, but you are covered with hidden lies. 




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