Hello my fellow bloggers and all my beautiful readers… 

I know I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks. 

My mind tends to go on a vacation because its not being paid enough to stay and play

Still I’ve been thinking and reading about the things during those times where I force my brain to function and thought I’d share them with you before I forget what I was planning to write, which seems to happen with some frequency, these days. I know most of you can relate… 

So here it goes….. 

From 2017, I’ve learned many things… And I would love to share it with you.. 

They say that new beginnings are disguised as painful endings. They say that, everyday is a new day and a fresh start. I really don’t have the right words to put this year into account. I’ve been playing with my own mind for past 365 days and it almost ate me up from inside. 

The random over thinking, the dark corner creeps, those loud stares, reminiscing the flashbacks, the half spilled coffee on the table, flickering of the broken lamp, the sudden parting of ways and many more. 

There are some moments when we realize that we are both loud and cold and through that we learn many things. We all have a long way to go,to become who we actually are. 

There’s the person you think you should be and there’s the person you really are. We’ve lost the sense of both. 

It’s again a start of 12 chapters and 365 new days. Well I won’t use the word NEW here…. In fact, we’ve to make it new and better. 


For me it’s like.. 

Burn your tongue on a cup of coffee. Eat chocolate everyday. Cry for few hours or few days. Hide random things inside cushion. Dance on the streets being carefree. 

It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to live this way coz, in the end you’ll always learn how to heal and live. In the end you’ll learn how to make your each day better. In the end you’ll learn how to heal your inner wounds. Let the show go on and let the show go wrong and flawed. 

So… Happy 2018 to all my fellow bloggers, all my readers..!! 

Loads of love





My mind warned.. “Not to go…” 

My heart said, “Just be free…” 

You know, when things don’t work as the way you want… You can only yell or scream or cry or die.. 

And the sad part is when something worse happens that you weren’t even expecting… 

Uh huh…. Heavy sigh… 

When things are mess and you can’t do anything about it. 

When you want to turn the tables but you are totally hopeless…. 

When everything fades … And there’s no option left… 

When your restlessness changes into tears……. 

Your day is just extra sad… 

With No Love Today.. 



There is a group of men smoking a cheap pack of cigarettes. 

A waiter who is giving me those random blank glances. Don’t know why. Just because, I’m sitting with my folded legs, bumping into the sofa. 

There is a man sitting just opposite to my table and he’s busy as fuck in his laptop. 

A middle aged woman , entering the cafe and cannot decide where to sit. 

There is a love bird, sitting behind me, holding hands and whispering something in their ears. 

Queues are the best way to judge people. Haha.. 

Standing at the third and listening to all the random, non random things happening around me. 

One Red Velvet Latte please… ”

” Red Velvet Latte…” This word shaped something and infact,  many things into memory. 

He calls me with this name. He says..” My Red Velvet“… 

Smiles and Sadness occurred at the same time.

Smile because, I know he loves me. 

Sadness because, We are not together. 

Seeing couples around me, I miss him more. 

A girl starts staring me as I try to write all this. A man in his thirties, stares at my shoes, that are lying across the floor.


Coffee is not that good,

..  a thought striked. It could have been better with sugar. 

But something stops me and I’m not asking for sugar. I’m trying to read what all I wrote till now. And I’m trying to sing a song.. 

 Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo… 

Coz it’s been one of my favorite song. 
My voice is a bit choked. It’s been years, I’ve left singing. 

Want to say him.. 

“Yun hi pehlu mein baithe raho.. Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo… ”

That very moment I saw people giving me blank expressions. Yes, I wasn’t that too loud. But If I was, then I hope they’ve enjoyed my song… 

I think, someday,  it’s good to observe random, non random things and feel every moment. 

I’ve seen a girl getting ready for her first date. 

I’ve seen a man reading Harry Potter. 

I’ve seen an old woman calling her son and asking him his daily whereabouts. 

I’ve seen a boy giving his interview over Skype.. 

I’ve seen a cute boy smiling and staring at me while I was singing. 

I’ve seen a random stranger, coming and approaching me for a coffee date. 

I’ve seen Smiles, Frowns, Love, Trust, Care  Bonds, Relations, Deep voices, Life of introverts, Random Healing lives, Songs, Many too many activities, His thoughts in my mind, Strangers… . And of course… “Life….” 

Much love 




She woke up with a mild headache. In the so called chilly autumn morning, she stepped out of her bed, wore something in black, grabbed her handbag and moved out. 

“I’m on my way “, she said. 

Oh Wow!!  He exclaimed. 

Yes, he was overjoyed. She could feel the happiness in his voice. Sitting in the car, staring at those neverending long roads, she got lost in the midst of their conversations. 

In a mean time, she was with him, holding him tight in her arms. Even though it was the first time that they were seeing each other, but they were intensely lost too. 

Cozy covers, muted phones, fluffy him, cute she and perfect they

He tenderly kissed her cheeks. She gazes up. Her heart was falling, her heart was singing. She wasn’t even able to catch her breath. He was so adorable that she kept holding him tight. The room was already warm now. They kept feeling each other’s naked souls. Arms wrapped around, skin on skin bare for each other. He pulls her more close. 

His eyes met hers. She blushes and looks away. Their minds were dancing in the loving haze. Her lipstick smears and so does her hair. 

They lay there together, under the cozy covers

He kept caressing her and pressed his lips onto hers. Her dizzying world and his restless moans made the moment flow. He whispered I Love You. She smiled and hugged him more tight. They kissed like insane and every kiss spoke thousands of words. 

He sinked inside her. Restless cuddles onto her neck. His hand exploring her soul. Her heart was beating madly. 

It all happened again. 

It was within just two of them. 

There were whispers of joining souls. 

There were whispers of miracles of love. 

There were whispers of feeling more than great. 

There were whispers of being forever. 

He kissed her forehead and it all stayed. 

Heavy breaths, smell of his skin and those magic moments. 

And in the midst of these moments, they loved each other. 



It wasn’t one of those finest days, I felt from inside. Neither it was one of those beautiful winter mornings. The day was very simple. There was nothing special about it. I really don’t know how it happened. But yes, it did. It happened in between my exams. A sudden shocking thing. My mind was spinning. 

Quickly. Painfully. 

Have you ever lost your love without a fight?  

Well, I have lost him that way. 
I called him several times. No Answer. I lay in bed all alone staring at my phone. I tried to sleep. But my heart stumbled. The hour passed. Finally, the phone rang. 

Listen, Mrinalika.. Im done with you” 

And other blah stuffs… 

I felt numb. The world around me gave me an ugly stare. 

I tried my best to not let him go, but, all my efforts went in vain. 

My eyes became heavy. 

 There was a black cloud of sadness that took over me and it only gave me a power to breathe. 

I felt as if a part of me is being detached. I felt a sudden shock running down my body. I sat down, where I was. 

My heart was broken. Pieces lay scattered across the floor. 

Suddenly his words felt like a dead flowers where forever never came. I felt like a lost soul fading into the depth of hell. 

The room grew colder and my eyes wept silently. 

I felt as if now I am nothing but just a dead soul who will be living a ruined life.
Weeping all alone in my room, I took out my diary, the very first page of it read.. 

23rd July 2010..

It was the first day when I started writing and it all began from him. 

Tore the pages apart. It was a rage. 

The promises are broken now, i said to myself. 

The blue inked stories lied there crumpled and suppressed

Because the flow was broken now and nothing could be fixed. 

That very moment I decided, not to write anymore. 
I lost him. I waited for him for two years in a false hope of him to return. 

Days without him, millions of minutes without him. Two years of complete silence. 

It’s been seven years now. Today when I go through the old memories, it haunts me. 
But yeah, I started writing again,  now. Things are okay with me.

Much love 




Hairs falling on your forehead 

The drunken texts 

Impulsive chaos 

The warmer side of bed

Sound of my cracking voice 

Discomforting thoughts 

Choking throat 

Hairy legs

Unblinded by the lies

Chipped nails 

Hopeless swamps

Weak heart 

Ruined mascara 

Half spilled coffee

Almost rough inside. 

Life is much more than this. Love a little demon that is inside your head. The world, you want can be made. 

Stay high, never low

Stay real. Stay in a world where you can be anything. 

Don’t be afraid to make a mess. Scream with your heart. Live with your soul.