Hello Everyone… Hope you all are doing great. I’m out of town coz of course it’s Diwali and so I thought to light a Diya over my blog as well.. 

Diwali has always been my favorite festival. 

This is the only time when the city shines brighter than a million sparkling stars. The floors decorated with Rangolis, the glow of thousand diyas devouring the darkness, the packed, some unpacked sweets and of course the fireworks. 

Let me remind you guys that.. 

Diwali is a festival of lights and not of loud bangs

It’s a happy and joyous time for us, but sad time for our pets and animals. They are in desperate need of shelter. They feel lost, disoriented and hurt with the fireworks. 

So this Diwali, Light a Diya, Lighten up your hearts and minds, and be a little more kind to everyone. Let this Diwali be safe and happy for everyone, Humans and Animals too

Share Smiles, Being a human, show some humanity to all the other people around. Light a Diya, Feel the Golden Aura, Open your mind and Embrace the Lives. 

Stay safe and make others feel safe too. Happy Diwali..!! 





As the festive season has arrived and so are my holidays,  I decided to have a break from my monotonous routine. I’m going home finally.. 

But the most annoying this is 

I fucking hate packing

Packing is the most stressful and disgusting thing. I wish if someone could do that for me. I’ve to pack unpack so many things. It’ll be a long weekend trip. 

I’m on the verge of throwing away everything and my room is a big mess. ARGH.. And then the biggest problem with me is that I can’t pack all my things till the day I go. My dad always asks me to prepare a list for the things I actually have to pack. But I’m too lazy to do all the stuffs. 

As Im writing in the middle of my packingI know, Im writing Bullshit

But literally, I don’t know why am I writing right now. May be I’m just going with the flow of my mood…😅


I’ll be writing soon to you guys,  something definitely better than this.. Lol.. 

I know no ones gonna read this … Haha… Well…… anyways   …. 

Happy Holidays and Love to all my Readers.. 



I know I should step back. I know things will grew worse. I know it is awfully dangerous. But still I’m here in the middle of the unforgiving night. There is a suppressed uncertainty within me.  I shouldn’t be here all alone writing and getting drift away with my peace, when the whole world sleeps ignorantly. 

May be this world doesn’t understands because I don’t want them to. May be I’m the fault after all and not them…

These sudden realizations made me even think more. Somewhere deep inside I’m exhausted, too shattered, too weak to hold out against it. May be I just need time to fully understand and process it all. May be I’m just getting carried away with all the things happening. Or may be Im just a spineless idiot after all

Too frustrated, too disgusted,  I feel like I need to look away. I really need to distract myself. At this very moment, it seems to be my only escape from these emotionless interrogatory voices inside my head. I still couldn’t believe that I have so many blames on me  

This moment, so black, so dark, so pale, devoid of meaning nothing but a darker side of everything. The night is dark and vacuous. 

Right now I feel like a lost pedestrian struggling to find my way through those busy streets, through those emotionless tough hearted people, through the ugly stares, and through the noise of amplifying animosity. 

My eternal hate increases suddenly. And I question myself… 

Why is it always so hard to adjust for me? Why cant I mind my own business like others

Keeping apart all the questions that I have raised to myself.. 

Yes I’ve a problem with everything. Yes I’m weird, immature, a shitty mess. Yes I over react and people come and walk over me. Yes I’m emotional because I really can’t be mean to everything, atleast I’ve humanity that you guys lack in. Yes I’m a person who thinks I’m always right because I don’t see right anymore. All I see is wrong being defined as right and right being defined as wrong and seriously you expect me to be OKAY with that?? 

Ending on a very bad note…. 
But as my blog says Audacity to heal and live… So yeah….. May be one day or the other, everything will heal as if nothing happened… May be one day I’ll find a corner for myself to live in happily.. So yes.. Everything heals with time and people breathe and survive. 



Coffee over Whatsapp….

Umm sounds too weird right??….But yes he said so…. 

You never know when the strangers will cross into your life and be the part of it and yes, sometimes “Strangers aren’t really Strangers”.

Sometimes it’s like everything is set from the beginning and for me it was OMG VAS HAPPENING!!!!  The steps closer to you, the sudden happy conversations and of course the inside expressions says it all. 

That very time all you think is.. 

How is this possible?  How can we get too close suddenly?  We hardly know each other but how the things are going so smoothly??…. Etc etc… And stuffs like that.. 

Same was happening with me and yes of course the hard thing is you are afraid that the person might fall for you cause your heart has already been captured with the untitled one. It feels good, in fact, everything feels so beautiful that you suddenly get lost in the midst of your own thoughts. All of a sudden something touches you, you try to find it out.  You feel as if some part of your heart can’t be reached coz you have never opened the door for it but now you really would love to open it.  

“The sudden change in my life was written, just to make me feel something I’ve never thought of”,  I spoke to myself. 

In just a day we had endless conversations. I often get onto people. When you talk to someone for the very first time, often there are lots of things you want to know. From hobbies to memories to family histories to favorite food stuff to trips to deepest desires to past relationships to likes and dislikes to rides or Drives sort of thing. 

Umm.. Well… The night ended with a happy smile. It was the feeling that happened without warning, rhyme and reason. I cannot explain it. I don’t know. It’s an ability to suddenly feel profound, intense and affectionate for someone. It’s a feeling when you powerfully get attached to someone as if you know him from ages. Right now I’m looking for the exact word, when you totally feel so connected to that stranger without any reason. 

Its like strange things happening obviously at the strange point of timeMy thoughts, this time, were more petite. Heart was at better pace like never before

It happened… 


And the guy is…… Umm… Let’s just maintain the secrecy over here…. Lol.. 

Hope he reads this first and smile for a while. 

I had lot to write.. May be I’ll continue this in the second part of COFFEE OVER WHATSAPP.. 




As I told you in my intro,  I love clicking pictures and yes, these days, my life is defined by pictures. Because Pictures never change, even though the people in those pictures do change. These people around us create Vibes. 

WellVibes is really difficult to put in words. 

But, it is a feeling that is felt through place, people or a thing. We go through different vibes in a day. 

Sometimes when you are hanging out with someone,  involves negative discussion topics and all of a sudden,  you can’t maintain your positive vibes. The energy within you seems like being drained out. Well,  yes,  this is very common in us. It seems as if, it has become a major part of our life. Yes, of course, there are people who always criticise and drag us down. They are full of negative vibes.  But on the other hand, there are some who are great motivators and so, you really enjoy their company. 

At different phases of life,  we meet different types of people. 

Well it is very ironical because personally speakingmy experience with people has always been bad. Ive been through many problems which involved negative vibersand see here Im writing and discussing about all this

Well may be because now I’ve learnt so many things and still I’m learning. Right now, my life goes with few lines,  I want to share it with you all.. 

Let yourself grow with the flow, 

Let  me evolve and grow. 

Let me just find my way 

Let me discover myself today.

 I can’t believe it took me so much time to publish this one. It had been my draft since so long and finally it is here and yes I wanted to write more but I’m stopping here. Sorry for that. But hopefully I’ll be coming up with more of Vibes. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this one, if anyone was actually reading…. 


Well, Love To All My Readers. 




Things got changed now, 

I won’t be waking up soon. 

So do not touch, talk, knock and expect my voice in return. 

My heart wants to sleep, 

Please let me stay here. 

I’ll be here rolling and shuffling in between the sheets. 

Humming the songs, I want to sing. 

Drinking wine alone, the whole night. 

Reading those books, I’ve near me. 

Sometimes scribbling in between those books. 

Muting the fake phone life for a very long time. 

Thinking about every single person, I’ve crossed my mind with, 

Entangled in between my messy hair, 

I try to fix my smile. 

But sometimes despair drags me down through the haze of memories. 

Somewhere from inside,  I want to scream, holding my each breath. 

But that emptiness stops me… 

I just want to feel no pain. 

I want to know that I’m mostly sane. 

But here I stay as same as before,

Yearning for peace once more… 




I’ve been wondering what I actually want to write or talk about.. 

Sexism?   Feminism?  Freedom? Inequality?  I don’t know? 

Sometimes there is so much going on in your head that you cannot pin point on one thing.  So this one’s for those who still have a very witty approach towards women.

Still, Women are never treated as equal as men. Everyone wants them to be perfect and in every way of course. 

They are expected to be sexy and pretty for boys,  Gharelu for society,  jolly for friends and yes BOLD for this entire world to live in. She should be well educated but she can’t do job after marriage.  She should be from a well to do family with zero divorce issues, financially well enough to give all the dowry demanded and so on. She should know how to cook,  clean, sit,  talk, walk etc and other Bullshits like that. 
Wake up guys!!! 

Sexism is a goddam a big issue. Please stop taunting her all the time. 

She was not born perfect. She doesn’t need to act in any particular way,  you consider for her. 

Stop tying her down. Let her wear what she wants to. 

Let her live, laugh, run, fly. Let her choose herself. Let her make mistakes and let her learn that way. 

By Just Another Woman